Downloading all Oppo Cool Theme Collections for Oppo a37f, Oppo a57, and other Oppo

Downloading all Oppo Cool Theme Collections for Oppo a37f, Oppo a57, and other Oppo

Downloading all Oppo Cool Theme Collections for Oppo a37f, Oppo a57, and other Oppo | Devaproject Update - Hai Oppo fans welcome back to my blog this time I will share a collection of cool oppo themes for all Oppo types, this theme is used to change the look of your smartphone to make it look even more funny and cool.

Oppo themes can be used on all types of Oppo smartphones such as Oppo A37, Oppo A57, Oppo F1, Oppo F1s, Oppo A3 Oppo A37f and other types of Oppo. Oppo smartphone has a lot of theme versions for now so you can download all themes to try on your smartphone, because maybe this theme can't work for Oppo friends because of the different versions.

Download All Oppo Cool Theme Collections for Oppo a37f, Oppo a57

1. White Mod iPhone Theme

You may already know this theme, this theme was created by Deva Setiawan or commonly known as Devaproject on YouTube, the white iPhone mod theme has been known for a long time by oppo smartphone users

Quality White Mod iPhone Theme

  • Icon is exactly the same as iphone
  • SystemUi builds Devaproject
  • Update the icon name (black)
  • Changes in almost all applications

Available versions for themes

  • Version 800
  • Version 801
  • Version 802
  • Version 803
  • Version 804
2. Theme Black Pupet
The second theme is the black theme of Pupet is a very eleghan theme for use on the oppo smartphone when it is from the design has very interesting eye views to always see the oppos time look.

Quality theme of iPhone Mod color white

  • icon very responsive
  • Systemui darkness
  • Full Repack In Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp changes almost in all applications

Available version for the theme

  • Versi 800
  • Versi 801

3. XSagon Theme

The xsagon theme may have been widely known to Oppo smartphone users because this theme was created or designed in such a way that it was translucent in all applications found on Oppo friends Theme Version Available Version 801

4. MIUI Special edition theme for Oppo

This one theme is a theme that has similarities with the smartphone xiaomi display, to be able to use this theme so that full display like MIUI is only available version 801 for Oppo A57 only, you can repack the theme version to suit Oppo buddy

5. Chocolate Theme for Oppo

Hoooo. This theme is very much in demand when it was released by the creator, the chocolate theme for OPPO can only be used for Oppo A57 and A37 types, this theme has the color of chocolate icons and almost all are colored chocolate. This theme can be accessed for YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Play Store even for all third party applications.

Yeee, it's done
You can download all of the 5 Oppo Smartphone Themes above and try to use it on your smartphone. Thank you for visiting, don't forget to share with friends or other relatives who use the Oppo smartphone so that they can feel the joy of the themes shared on the themeoppo - deva project blog.

That is all and thank you
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